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Floor Restoration Sheffield & South Yorkshire

The best floor restoration Sheffield services are offered by Williams Floor Restoration, a company based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire and covering the whole of Sheffield. If you have a Sheffield floor that needs restoring to its former glory, then there is only one-floor Company you need to contact, Williams floor restoration.

About Us

Williams Floor Restoration was established 35 years ago, they have an unrivalled reputation in South Yorkshire & Sheffield for both wooden floor & hard floor restoration.

Williams Floor Restoration is a family-run business with a team of highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to breathing life back into any type of floor from wooden to stone flooring in Sheffield & South Yorkshire.

Our Floor Restoring Services in Sheffield

Our floor restoration services are available for both residential & commercial buildings with either a stone or a wooden floor. Whether you need floor restoration for a school floor, pub floor, church hall floor or restaurant floor. We cover all aspects of commercial floor restoration and domestic floor restoration projects in Sheffield & South Yorkshire.

Whatever the state of your wooden or stone floor, get in touch with our experts, we are here to help you with any flooring issues. We can ensure with our services we can restore the aesthetical looks and longevity of your floor in Sheffield.

Wood Flooring Restoration Sheffield

Any floor that’s made from wood will need restoration at some point. A wooden floor in a high-traffic area will need more maintenance than a wooden floor on private property.

We provide a full maintenance care guide for any type of wooden floor. This will include the correct floor cleaning products and procedures to keep a floor looking its best. Having a wooden floor in your Sheffield home or Sheffield business that’s scratched or worn can be restored to its former glory.

Wood flooring restoration involves using the latest continuous belt floor sanding equipment. The huge benefit of using our floor sanding machine is its suction & dust collection technology. Previously sanding a floor would be a messy affair, with dust flying everywhere. With our wood flooring restoration services, we can guarantee your property will be dust free.

Stone Floor Restoration Sheffield

Our stone floor restoration techniques cover, marble, sandstone, ceramic, terracotta, South Yorkshire slate/stone and a Victorian tiled floor.

Hard floor restoration requires firstly, a floor cleaning solution to strip away grime and dirt and any solvents. When the floor cleaning has been completed, we use a diamond floor grinder to remove any pitting, divots or roughness on a stone floor.

After cleaning and removing any floor irregularities, we highly recommend completing the stone floor restoration with a sealant applied.

Having a sealant applied to a floor will prevent the floor from absorbing moisture, oils or debris. Having a well-sealed floor with prolong the life of the floor before it needs further floor restoration work.

Floor Restoration Sheffield

As part of our timber floor or stone floor restoration Sheffield services, our craftsmen can repair all types of floors made from wood or stone.

Wood Floor Repairs

No matter what the problem is with a floor made out of wood we will have a restoration solution, such as

  • Floorboards repaired or replaced and any gaps filled
  • New timber floor fitting with a choice of wood, oak, beech or pine
  • Replacement or repair of engineered wood and parquet flooring
  • Floor resealed

Stone Floor Repairs

Our creative craftsmen can breathe life back into any stone floor with the techniques used, such as

  • Deep Cleaning of a stone floor, this process will remove all ingrained dirt
  • Diamond grinding to ensure a smooth floor finish
  • Crystallisation which involves creating a gloss finish on a stone floor, such as marble, limestone & travertine floor

Need more information?

If you need more information regarding our wood & hard floor restoration procedures or want to book our floor restoration services, please get in touch.

If you click our website contact page, all the relevant contact information is there. You can either, call us, email us or send us a message via our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping to bring your Sheffield floor back up to a quality floor finish.