Commercial Floor Sanding

Completed commercial floor sanding projects of school, village, community, church halls and local business premises.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Holmfirth School Hall before treatment

Refurbished Holmfirth School Hall Repairs carried out, sanded and four coats of Commercial heavy-duty Lacquer applied.

Granwood School sports hall before treatment

Granwood School hall floor, sanded back, repairs carried out, sports markings painted and sealed using Granguard sealant.

Village Hall sprung floor worn and repairs to be carried out.

Village Hall sprung floor, wood floor sanding, large gaps filled, and four coats of Induro XL2 two-pack heavy-duty lacquer applied.

Sheffield Church Hall before floor sanding and treatment

Sheffield Church Hall Timber floor revamped with sanding and 4 coats of Induro XL2 morrells lacquer.

Medway Centre Bakewell before treatment

Medway Centre Bakewell fully sanded down, one coat of sealant applied, meshed back to a smooth finish and a further three coats of hard-wearing Commercial lacquer applied.

school hall before

Before floor treatment.

school hall after

After floor treatment.

Before treatment

After Treatment

Witworth Centre at Darley Dale

Witworth Centre at Darley Dale

Thrybergh before picture

Thrybergh after picture



ridgewood school before

School gymnasium hall in Doncaster before treatment

ridgewood school after

Floor sanded down, meshed back in preparation for court markings, badminton court marked out and painted followed by four cots of Induro sport sealant.

hall before

Community Centre Sheffield before floor treatment.

hall after

Full renovation including repairs, floor sanding and lacquering to bring the floor back to its former glory.

yolgreave school before

Youlgrave Village Hall before floor treatment.

yolgreave school after

Youlgreave village hall sanded, line markings re-instated and 4 coats of Varnish.

bramley parish hall before restoration

Bramley Parish Hall before floor treatment.

large hall floor restoration

Bramley parish hall fully sanded and three coats of Induro lacquer in a satin finish applied.

school hall before

Before floor treatment.

school hall after

After floor treatment.

More After Photos

scout hut 380
Oak Floor Sanded and sealedbakwell jobs 100_390x338

Floor Sanding Commercial floor – Documentric, Hellaby floor sanding and four coats of heavy-duty varnish applied to protect the floor against the heavy wear.

re sized bradway scout hut

Bradway Scout Hut -floor sanding – Gymnasium floor, sanded and resealed with four coats of heavy-duty water-based satin finish varnish, Badminton court lines marked and painted.

school hall after

Upperfield School Hall – parquet floor sanded and sealed. The school hall floor was sanded back loose parquet blocks reset and three coats of hard-wearing satin finish polyurethane sealant applied.


jinnah after
Restaurant – floor sanded back to remove the old stained finish and sanded back to the woods natural state, one coat of clear waterbased satin finish sealant applied, meshed back to a smooth finish and two further coats of heavy-duty clear sealant applied to complete the restoration.

tenerife june09 017_390x338

Commercial wooden floor sanding and sealing – with four coats of heavy-duty quality waterbourne silk finish floor sealant applied to complete the restoration project.


Community Centre Newly Restored Timber Floor – Dust-free sanding, one coat of heavy-duty gloss sealant applied, meshed back to a smooth finish and three coats of Induro lacquer applied to complete.

After full Restoration, project.

After Restoring the parquet floor.

School Hall – Fully restored Parquet blocks

Brooklands Bar – After

Hillcrest School Leeds After sanding and lacquering

St Augustines School main Hall after restoration


Granwood floor -Scrubbed back, deep cleaned and resealed with granguard sealant.

resized fox wire

Commercial Floor Sanding – Fox wire parquet floor sanded, loose blocks repaired and refitted, sealed with three coats heavy-duty water-based satin 2 pack Lacquer.