Are you looking for a beautiful “New England“ look for your wooden floors? then Lime washing may be a perfect finish for you.

Though this technique that has been used for many years, our customers rarely know what lime washing does, and how it can bring a unique beauty to the wooden floors in their homes, this method of using a combination of calcium hydroxide and chalk to achieve a bleached wood effect whilst still being able to see the wood grain, is very effective, with the added benefit, that in the last few years, lime wash products have been made available in a variety of soft pale colours, giving customers a wider choice to match their colour scheme. Lime washed wood, can transform any room into a light, bright, beautiful living space, which will enhance the opulence and character of many homes.

Lime washing floors is becoming more and more popular, giving your room a bright, clean and fresh “new England“ look, transforming a dark room to give the illusion of space and light. It looks great in smaller rooms as well as large areas. This effect can be achieved by sanding the timber floor and applying lime wash to the boards, whilst still retaining the beauty of the grain in your wooden floors. Interested? Call us for more information.