Whether your floor is Hardwood or softwood, a solid wooden floor is an investment which will appreciate over time, and irrespective of whether it’s your home or office, we are confident that if you have a wooden floor, you will want to look after it to keep it looking at it’s very best.

Estate agents statistics show that properties which have well maintained real wood floors rather than laminates and carpets usually demand a higher price some homeowners decide to have their floors sanded before advertising their property for sale, to attract a higher price.

Floor sanding brings out the natural beauty of a wooden floor. No matter how it may look now, we will be able to restore your floor to its former glory. People often wonder if perhaps their boards are in too bad a condition to be renovated by floor sanding, In our experience, we have as yet not come across a wooden floor which cannot be restored and its natural beauty brought back to life. If necessary, we replace any missing rotten or split boards with reclaimed boards so that they blend in with the existing wooden flooring, and of course, recycle old boards rather than chop down more trees. After the floor sanding and sealing process, they look better than new floors because of the beauty that only old wooden flooring can give.

Buffing and polishing Wood floors

When a floor is not too badly worn, the floor can be revived by thoroughly deep cleaning, buffing and resealing, this freshens up the wood floor and brings the floor back to life without the floor sanding process.