Parquet floors are very beautiful and add a charming feature to any home, they come in an array of exquisite patterns for example herringbone, square basket, chevron to name but a few and if they are correctly maintained, they can enhance your home.

Like all other types of wood floors, parquet will require sanding from time to time, and should only do when necessary, this should be carried out by Floor sanding professionals with good equipment, as over sanding will reduce the life of your parquet floor, choosing the correct finish is also important, ensuring that the varnish used is compliant with the surface.

Some helpful hints to help protect your parquet floor

  • Avoid moving furniture around on the floor. The place felt pads on the bottom of furniture; this reduces the amount of scratching the floor undergoes.
  • If a localized area of the parquet blocks gets damaged rectify this immediately to protect the floor from further damage.
  • Follow the maintenance advice issued from your floor sanding professional and only use the cleaning materials recommended for parquet floors.
  • Use mops, soft brushes and other accessories which will not scratch the surface.

Dust-free floor sanding. Often when people look at their wooden floors and realize they need the services of a floor sanding company to restore them to their former glory, they can be reluctant to pick up the phone, simply because they have concerns about the amount of dust that sanding their wooden floors may cause. Customers can be reassured that they do not have to continue living with wood floors that are scratched, dull and worn. New technology can now produce dust-free floor sanding a much cleaner way, for customers to bring the natural beauty of their wooden floors back to life in a safe environment.

Our Customers can be confident that we only use the best sanding equipment available including the American Clarkes Floor Crafter and Bona machines. The Floor Crafter, upholds a long tradition of providing precision instruments to a craftsmen trade, engineered to be the most aggressive belt sander in the industry, this machine was also designed to reduce vibration, its cutting ability allows the floor sanding professional the ability to increase production while achieving

imperfection free results, the Floor Crafter is a truly unique and innovative approach to hardwood floor sanding.