Wooden Floors and their benefits for allergy sufferers…


Allergies to dust, pollen and pet hair are a relatively modern phenomenon, some experts have even described allergies as a 21st Century epidemic because the prevalence of the allergic disease has risen so dramatically in recent years, most people know at least one family member who suffers from allergy symptoms of some kind. There is no doubt that making a few simple alterations to your home or office can significantly reduce the symptoms of asthma and other allergic reactions.


Carpets attract dust, pet hair and other kinds of  nasty microbes, which embed themselves into the carpet attaching to the fibres and no matter how fastidious we are with the vacuum cleaner, and removing shoes before we walk on carpets etc it is impossible to prevent these allergens from accumulating within the pile of the carpets over time, causing problems and aggravating  allergy  symptoms, however, wooden flooring is much easier to keep clean, particularly when you share your home with pets

Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are considerably more hygienic. You can simply sweep or vacuum them, damp mop them as often as you like to ensure they are clean, and unlike carpets where the allergens can hide, wood floors do not harbour allergen causing dust mites, pollen or pet hair, therefore, reducing the symptoms of asthma and other allergic reactions and your family will enjoy living in a healthier, cleaner environment.

If you have wooden floors that have been hiding under carpets and need a little tender loving care to bring back their natural beauty and would like more information on our floor sanding, restoration and repair service, please contact us today.